Monday, November 22, 2010

Breaking News...

This just in. I have an idea. Saturday is going to be an all day, black bear themed feast. Why?

Because That School Up North is now the Black Bears.

And because we are going to beat them in the Battle for the Golden Egg.

How many black bear themed items can we come up with? So far, here's the list:

Black bear dip (aka...cream cheese rotel or man dip)
Blackberr Cobbler
Black Bear Cookies
Blackberr Bait (Substitute blackberries for blueberries)
Black Bear Pie Using No Black Bears
Black Bear Cake
Da Black Bears Roast

I could go on for days....I will have to narrow down my choices for Saturday night because after an all day family feast, we won't be able to eat THAT much during the game. But a girl can dream can't she....ha ha ha!

Go State! Beat That School Up North!

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