Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

Oh Mardi Gras! You are such an interesting holiday! And really, you aren't even a holiday. I mean, you are even less of a holiday that Valentine's, but way more fun that Columbus Day, Presidents Day or Flag Day!

Mardi Gras and I reunited for the first time in several years this weekend. In need of a break, two of my friends and I skipped town Friday morning for a three day retreat. This girls only weekend involved three key factors: shopping, food, and good company. That's all we really needed for a little R&R. However, it so happened that our weekend get-a-way also coincided with Mardi Gras celebrations on the Mississippi Coast.

It was chilly and rainy, so the celebrations were limited, but Amy, Karis and I did make it to one parade. We caught our beads and revealed in a very family friendly crowd. (Not sure we could handle Mardi Gras New Orleans style.) We also ate King Cake (K found the baby), and had some seafood. It was a pretty great celebratory attempt, if you ask me.

Friday night we ate at Half Shell in Gulfport on my parents recommendation. We arrived around 7:00 p.m., and were informed of an hour and a half wait. We figured by the time we tried anywhere else we wouldn't be much better off, so decided to stick it out. They then gave us the option to leave a phone number so we could leave and come back for a table when they had one. We took them up on it, and headed to the grocery store for some items, then headed back to the condo to relax. We finally decided to head back to the restaurant around 8:30, and literally walked up to the hostess as she was calling my cell phone.

After being seated, we quickly ordered spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer. It was 8:45, and we were STARVING. They served it with pita bread. One surprise in the dip that made it their own was the addition of red onion. You wouldn't think a little onion would make a big difference, but it sure did! It made a very notable difference, and I will be attempting to make it in the near future. (After I figure it out, I will share.)

Our appetizers were fantastic, and our food was good as well. I would definitely recommend Half Shell to anyone heading to the coast, and hope to eat there again when I return. The food was wonderful, the service and staff were really outstanding, and it was most definitely worth the wait!

Saturday night we cooked up a feast of redfish, steak, green beans, cabbage salad and grilled vegetables. It was divine! I will be sure to post the recipes later, so stay tuned.

All in all, our little Mardi Gras trip was a success. We had a lot of fun, but more importantly, had a much needed weekend away from ole S-town. The three days allowed us to have fun and forget work, stress, and everything that has been going on. And I look forward to many more fun times to come!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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katherine said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Wish I could have gone. Our treasure hunt was canceled due to rain :(