Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't Miss Krissi's Brownies

Here is another yummy brownie variation from my friend Krissi:

1 box brownie mix (dark chocolate)
All ingredients on box
6-8 Hershey bars (with or without nuts)
A bag of Andes mints

It’s really just a variation on a box mix recipe.

You need a box of dark chocolate brownies and all the ingredients that the box says you need. I make mine according to the cake recipe. You also need about 6-8 Hershey bars (w/ nuts is optional, of course). Mix brownies. Pour half of your mix into a greased pan. Anyway. After you pour half the batter in your pan, lay the bars of chocolate on top. Then, pour the rest of your batter on top. Bake for about 25 minutes and then watch them.
I make two boxes for one big batch in a half sheet pan. ALSO – Instead of Hershey Bars, I sometimes use Andes Mints. Yum-O!

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