Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicken Spaghetti (Bok, bok, bee-gok)

Random facts:

1. Whenever my family eats chicken, whether at home or out somewhere, my father believes it is necessary to make “chicken noises.” It is kinda funny as a child, very embarrassing as a teen, and “just dad” as an adult. My father is now on a quest to teach my nephew the art of chicken noises.

2. I’m quite a fan of chicken. In fact, I eat very, very, very little red meat, and stick mostly to chicken, turkey and fish. Chicken is very much a staple in my diet.

3. The person who made the below recipe famous is my maternal great-grandmother. (Mother of my mom’s mom.) I have several friends who barely knew their grandparents, much less a great-grandparent. But I had the fortunate opportunity to be very close to my great-grandmother, Grandmother Chandler. She kept us at home as babies while my mom taught, lived with us, and was around quite a bit during my childhood. I best remember her for lunchtime tuna salad and Nutty Bars. But apparently Grandmother Chandler’s famous recipe was her chicken spaghetti.

I haven't made this recipe before or even tried it…I don’t think. But I have heard several people in my family talk about this particular dish. And since I had a request from a former teacher of mine, I thought I would go ahead and post the recipe. Guess I’ll have to make it now sometime!!!

1 whole chicken
1 large bell pepper
1 large onion
1 bottle ketchup
1 can English peas 1 chicken
1 pkg. spaghetti
1 can mushroom soup
Optional: Chicken stock

Directions: Boil chicken in large stock pot for about 45 minutes. Bone, chop, and set aside. Sauté chopped large bell pepper and large onion in butter in large skillet. Add 1 bottle of ketchup, 1 can of English peas, and chicken. Simmer 45 minutes. Stir in 1 pkg. of cooked spaghetti and 1 can of mushroom soup. Simmer 15 minutes before ready to serve. You may need to add chicken stock to keep moist. Not good too dry.

Grandmother Chandler’s Suggested sides - Serve with tossed salad, spiced picked peaches and garlic bread.

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