Friday, December 18, 2009

The meaning of Christmas

So many times I feel like I get bogged down in just making it to Christmas to really sit down and think about the meaning behind the holiday. We spend so much time preparing our homes and lives, but tend to forget about our hearts. However, there is one song out of all the thousands of Christmas songs out there that makes me pause and think about why we celebrate.

The song, Joseph's Lullaby by MercyMe, is a simple ballad from the perspective of the man who raised Jesus. He was not his biological father, but he did serve in the role of an earthly father while Christ was growing up. Everytime I hear this song I think about Jesus as a baby. He was fully God and fully man. He was tiny and vunerable, but could command the earth and the winds. He cried, coulnd't walk or crawl, yet he was, from the beginning, God.

The words of this song move me, especially when I look at my niece and nephew and see them growing each day. Christ had to grow up just like the rest of us, and didn't even begin his ministry until he was a year older than I am now. He went through life just like us so that he could be sacrificed for the sins of the world. To think of how he came here, as a tiny, fragile baby is so humbling to me. Why would God lower himself to that? Because he loves us and wants to save us. It is all so amazing!

Anyway, read the words below, then watch the video I found on YouTube with scenes from The Nativity Story and The Passion of the Christ. Picture our very big, very powerful God as a baby, and remember this is why we celebrate this holiday. (Even though, as Daisy pointed out on Bones last week, Jesus was most likely born during the spring because that's when the census was taken. We celebrate now because it was to counter a pagan holiday.)

Go to sleep my Son
This manger for your bed
You have a long road before You
Rest Your little head

Can You feel the weight of Your glory?
Do You understand the price?
Does the Father guard Your heart for now
So You can sleep tonight?

Go to sleep my Son
Go and chase Your dreams
This world can wait for one more moment
Go and sleep in peace

I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight
Lord, I ask that He for just this moment
Simply be my child

Go to sleep my Son
Baby, close Your eyes
Soon enough You'll save the day
But for now, dear Child of mine
Oh my Jesus, Sleep tight

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AprilJ said...

Commenting late as usual... here's hoping your Christmas was a special one. I'm with you on getting my mind around a baby that was fully man and fully God. Even with my kids, I wonder how that looked to Mary as a mom. I bet she really noticed a difference once she had just a fully man baby ;) Cheers to a safe, healthy 2010 for you!!