Friday, January 8, 2010

Where, oh where, has this little blogger gone...

Oh where, oh where can she be?

Truthfully, I have been on sabbatical. Okay, not really. Maybe mentally. Well, at least mentally for two or three weeks. So where I have really been?

Between the last post and December 18th I was extremely busy and/or extremely sick. Trying to wrap up the fall semester and catching stomach virus and bad cold. Trust me...the stomach virus will put a halt on any cooking and/or blogging about cooking.

After December 18th I started Christmas break. Lots of shopping, lots of baking, cleaning, watching movies, chasing the nephew, cuddling the niece...Two solid weeks of R&R for this weary PR gal.

Then, I've been back at work at least physically, but not so much mentally, for the last 5 days. (Okay, we had a snow day yesterday and I watched 3 movies with a friend. But I did work 4 days this week.)

Needless to say, I haven't just been sitting on my butt the last month. Okay, so some of the time I was sitting on my butt. But I really haven't been not cooking. In fact, I've been cooking quite a bit! I've made:

1. Flat apple pie from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook
2. Reindeer gingerbread cookies with my nephew
3. My vegetable soup
4. Pumpkin cookies
5. Chocolate banana empanadas (Which I don't think turned out that great, but my family swore they liked them. Maybe they were just being nice.)
6. Oreo balls

and probably more....

I will blog the essentials, along with pictures of some of our baking activities. I have to say, my nephew is quite the cook. He loves helping Aunt Sheri and Nana in the kitchen, and I love sharing one of my passions with him.

So, for now, I leave you with a non-foodie update on why I haven't blogged. Hopefully I will get a few of the recipes/adventures up this weekend.

Happy cooking!

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