Friday, May 27, 2011


Its been nearly a month. In the last month I have worked till nearly 7:00 about 4 days a week, hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law with 40 folks, traveled to my parents house three times, prep my yard for summer, and so many other things. Sigh. But its now Memorial Day weekend, and most of my friends will be gone this weekend. So, I have NO PLANS until Sunday night. (With the exception of dinner out tonight and tennis tomorrow.) That means...I'm going to blog this weekend. My goal is to write several posts and space them out to post over the next few weeks. I hope. : ) I need to clean my house we'll see how the blogging goes.

Anywayz...the thing cooking this weekend....probably fish and fresh veggies tomorrow, and then potato salad and some sort of pie for our cookout on Sunday. Allz I know is that its going to be delish!

I will get better about posting. Or at least I will try.

Happy cooking!

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