Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Attack of the Birds Part One: Stay Away From My Geraniums....

Yesterday, while watering my flowers, I discovered a suprise in one of my geranium hanging plants. It was a bird's nest with little blue eggs. I thought I heard something flying around last week when I was watering, but thought it might just be a bee or something. was a bird...building a nest and laying eggs in my beautiful flowers.

Now, normally I am very much against killing birds by knocking down nests. I don't care if they are on my porch or above my door...but I really wasn't happy about the hanging plants. So, I did what I knew was wrong in the eyes of PETA, and I removed the nest and placed it on a ledge above where the plant was hanging. I know birds don't come back when they smell humans on their stuff.

Well, then I moved on to my next plant. Low and behold, another nest! No eggs in this one though. So, I removed the nest and threw it on the ground. NOT IN MY GERANIUMS, BIRDS! And finally, there was the beginning of another nest in my third hanging basket. Really? Can you please lay off my plants???? No wonder they have been looking a little puny! So all the nests were removed.

This morning I woke up to see that the little nest with the eggs had fallen on the ground. Now I really killed them. It wasn't in a secure enough location, and the wind must have blown it off. Oh well! Sorry birds! But...seriously...not in my geraniums!

After work today I decided to check on the progress of my plants. Before I went outside, I noticed a bird sitting in my window above my door....ready to attack. Must have been the mother of the babies I killed. Because it just sat there, staring at me and Josephine, trying to get in. Josephine, being the predator she is, scared it off. But not before a show! Luckily, we all servived and all is well. Birds, feel free to lay nests on the ledge of my porch, above my front door, or anyway in a tree. However, STAY AWAY FROM MY GERANIUMS!

Next episode.....The pigeons come to town!

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