Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Weekend Project

What you need to Create a Nursing Bracelet

Strong piece of ribbon, wire or elastic. If you choose ribbon or wire, make sure it's long enough to tie around your wrist. Elastic can be stretched, but also make sure it's comfortable.

Beads you like. You can use number or letter beads of different colors, or create your own design. Some people use animal beads instead of numbers, so the bracelet seems more decorative than functional. Do what works best for you.

A clip-on charm, etc. This should be something you can easily clip on the bracelet. You'll use it as a marker, placing it at the bead representing the time of your last feeding.

How to make a Nursing Bracelet

1. Knot the ribbon, wire, or elastic to keep the beads on.

2. String a starter bead.

3. String your first number bead, or whatever you're using to represent the numbers of a clock. This is 1:00.

4. Put on three other beads. These represent 1:15, 1:30, and 1:45.

5. String the second number bead, for 2:00.

6. String three beads for 2:15, 2:30, and 2:45.

7. Continue until you're strung enough beads to reach

8. After your 12:45 bead, string a bead like your starter bead.

9. Knot the end of the bracelet. If you're using elastic, knot the ends together in addition to making an end knot. For ribbon, knot the end, and make sure there's enough room to tie it on your wrist. And for wire, after you make the end knot, twist the ends together, and push them under your last bead, so the ends don't poke you or your baby. (Wire really shouldn't be used for nursing bracelets, but many companies and moms still use it.)

10. Put on your nursing bracelet, clip on the marker, and remember to use it!

Nursing bracelets don't have to be expensive. They're fun to make and can also be a keep-sake item for you or your baby. Some mothers use beads the color of their babies' birth stones, etc. Making a nursing bracelet is also relaxing, and what new mom doesn't need to relax?


**Disclaimer - No, I am NOT making a nursing bracelet for myself. I am not nursing nor did I have a baby. But my sister did! I will be sure to post videos and pics of the new niece soon!

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ehome said...

Interesting...and cute! I have never seen one of these before, but that could def. be helpful, especially when you have a newborn and are trying to establish a schedule and they sleep so much. Sometimes time just passes and you realize you forgot to feed them and they just sleep the day away ;-)