Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Upfronts were released today. What's coming and what's going according to tv?

Here are my thoughts on the shows that record on my DVR:

On loses: Not a lot going on here, but two shows I really did enjoy are out.

Life (NBC) - Really? We will never know if Crews and Reese really fall in, as alluded to by the almost hand holding in the season finale. We will also never know the end of the tangled web of drama that led up to Crews being arrested. I liked that show. It was quirky and interesting. I'm sad its not coming back.

Cupid (ABC) - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Cupid is one of my favorite new shows! It's so sweet and endearing! Please say that Trevor and Claire get together before its all said and done. This show is so happy and uplifting, and it made me smile every time I watched it.

Samantha Who? (ABC) - Honestly, I can live without this one. I wasn't on the edge of my seat waiting on it to come on. It was, at times, funny, but overall, not real catchy.


Coming Back: Only the ones I am very excited about....

Chuck (NBC) - Guess the SAVE CHUCK campaign with Subway worked. (Was it really going away though?) Will Chuck and Sarah finally get together? What about Chuck's new intercept package that makes him a super spy? I think Bryce Larkin isn't really dead. He faked it, they moved his body, and then he got up and ran.

Bones (Fox) - Finale still very much in my opinion in need of personal critic. It was wonderful! I have watched it many times. I did predict that the episode would be a dream sequence where Booth would wake up and Brennan would be next to him in the hospital. Did not predict the amnesia though! Wow! The episode was really great for Bones fans because it brought in former characters and references to many pivotal past episodes. Very creative and fun!

Lost (ABC) - Of course it is coming back. It's Lost. I have 10 episodes on my DVR right now. I haven't seen much of this last season.


The CW hasn't released their upfront listing yet. Its supposed to be out on Thursday morning. I really hope Privileged comes back though. I really love that show! It's cute!

Other shows I adore on other networks:

My Boys on TBS is pretty funny. (Tuesday nights at 9:30. Catch it tonight!) I also really love Psych (USA)! That show is freaking HILARIOUS! New season starts this summer, so I'm not worried about it disappearing quite yet.


For those of us fans who have favorite shows with crazy cliffhangers, the fall 2009 season is a long way away. But we'll have to be patient to see what happens. Sometimes I wish I could just fast-forward time like I do commercials with my DVR! Ha!

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