Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes....

Shortly after I moved to Fort Worth in 2002, my sister and her husband planned a move there as well. We were all relocating for educational reasons, and just so happened to be settling in the same city. When Lynn and Dan came from San Francisco, they wanted to buy a house in one of the older, historic neighborhoods. I remember spending hours driving around looking at all the beautiful houses that skirted the edge of downtown Fort Worth and dreaming of one day owning my own home.

Off of 8th Ave, aka McCart, aka Summit, aka Cleburne (Which eventually turns into Weatherford and Belknap because TX streets change names a lot)…right off of that multi-named road is a neighborhood called Ryan Place. One of the more affluent residences in Fort Worth, Ryan Place reeks of old oil money and southwestern charm. (Texas is, after all, southwestern, not southern. We will save that soap box for another day.) Through the large Greek style columns of the entrance, lies Elizabeth Boulevard, home to Mediterranean and Georgian style homes that are as beautiful as they are large! It is a beautiful neighborhood, and one that inspired a dream 7 years ago.

While we were touring this neighborhood, I noticed one reoccurring attribute almost more than I did the grandeur of the homes. A red front door. Not just on one, but home after home was adorned with this striking feature. I saw all of the houses with the red front door, and immediately fell in love. I knew ONE DAY I would own a home and I could have a red front door.

Fast forward 7 years, and I do own my own home. In fact, it’s a beautiful little three bedroom, two bath brick that is just around the 1500 sq. foot mark. (Though, some of my friends swear it is bigger. I think the interior paint and open floor plan deceives the eyes.) It’s a starter home, and it’s just for me and the two cats, but it is beautiful, and I love it. When I moved in my dad was talking about some of the things we could do to make it a little nicer. Touch up the nicks and nail holes inside, put a new coat of paint on the exterior siding and columns, new fixtures and new hardware here and there. There wasn’t much that needed to be done.

But then it struck me! This is MY house! My very own place that I pay for and can do what I want! No more white walls in every room (like my parents). No one telling me where to hang what picture and that something may or may not be too girly for their tastes. This is MY HOUSE! I want a red front door!

I have now lived in my house for 7 months. So far I haven’t done much be update the fixtures in one bathroom, decorate, and re-do the front flowerbeds. Nothing too big or drastic. But its time for a change! It’s time to finally make my home, MY HOME! So, with that in mind, I’m painting my front door red! Finally, I will have what I have always wanted, a home, my own home, with a beautiful red front door!

** On a side note, I didn’t know how much significance was behind having a red front door. I discovered this when I googled red front door looking for a photo to include with my post. But so you know….red doors are popular and significant. It’s actually Feng Shui concept that represents prosperity, fame, and love. It also represented homes that welcomed visitors during colonial times. Now…granted…in Ireland, a red door signifies the house is paid for. I still have 14 more years to go before I can claim that. But…I think the red door will suit me very well!


kjlangford said...

After I graduated I lived just a few blocks away from Elizabeth Blvd in a historic home (but not super big... a duplex, but still really fun) and we had a red door!

no longer though...

because now I live with a boy!

Sher said...

Living with a boy! GROSS! I lived with my brother when we were in college....that was bad enough!

Don't you just love that neighborhood! I think you guys actually lived not too far from my sister's old house. She lived behind that mexican place and old FW massage school on Hurley.

Katie Walden said...

My roommate and I totally have a red front door! I have the same dream! I always think of Steel Magnolias though. "Well, paint my door red and call me Elizabeth Arden!"