Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first six months....

Since I have been putting off this blog entry, and since I'm confronting the past this weekend (not in a bad way), I thought I would go ahead and bite the bullet and get this over.

On June 30, I "celebrated" (?) my sixth month anniversary of returning to Mississippi. The day passed by without consequence (of course), but I did take time the following days to reflect on my decision. So, here are the top three questions I have asked myself. In no particular order, of course...

Was the decision right?

Yes, I truly believe it was. For some odd reason, the Lord turned my heart last fall. I started desperately missing home, and knew it was time to go back. Then this job opened up and fell in my lap. It was a very good career move for me, and I have been blessed immensely since arriving. I have a beautiful home, I was able to pay off all debt (except for the house...only 14 more years to go), and I am close enough that Will doesn't think Aunt Sheri lives in a computer anymore. (Skype does make the world smaller!) I know the Lord led me here and has me here for a reason. Yes, the decision was right.

Has it been easy?

Absolutely not! The job was a crazy, hectic start, but I feel as if I have settled in now. I have adjusted to not having shopping or favored dining choices nearby, but the flip side is I am saving more money than ever before, which is important because now I have all kinds of taxes and mortgages, and all that great stuff to pay. (Apartments are way cheaper...but I LOVE my home!)

The thing I struggle with most, though, is the lack of social events in my life. I had a lot of friends in Fort Worth. I really don't have many here in Mississippi, which is why I go home to Jackson most every weekend. I mean, its okay that I don't have a lot of friends, but it still kind of a bummer. I'm so used to planning parties, hosting parties, attending parties, dining out with friends, dining in with friends, and just hanging out and watching TV. Here, I do that about once a month.

Most of you old friends with say, "What? *gasp* The little social butterfly herself has nothing to do?" But, its true. Where do you meet folks when you are 29 and working? I am DEAD SET on keeping my work and personal life separate this time (long story), so nothing there. My church is small, and there really aren't many folks my age that aren't married with kids. Tennis has produced some friends, but only those I meet on the courts a couple of nights a week. So....the community aspect is slow going in my life.

Would you change the decision you made?

No. I told you I thought it was right. And the parts of Fort Worth I miss I will either just get over or they will come in time. (Like the friends thing...hopefully!) I really do love living in my little small town. Its cute, its quaint, and because it centers around the largest university in Mississippi, it actually has some culture to it. The people here are really nice, and I do really LOVE my job! I think I will make a life here, but then again, I said that about Fort Worth as well. But for now, this is my home and this is my life, and I'm happy. Which is all that really matters isn't it?

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ehome said...

I'm glad you're happy, Sheri! Moving is never very easy, especially when it comes to friens and building community...I think that gets harder for me with each passing year, but it does come in time, just maybe not as quickly as I would like it to! Thanks for sharing! XOXO from CO ;-)