Friday, October 23, 2009

Loyalty. Pride. Passion.

At my office, we have adopted the tagline "Loyalty. Pride. Passion." to be the theme of our fiscal year. Though the phrase appeared on our stationary during the middle of FY 08-09, the notion didn't take off until this summer. Now it underlines everything we do for our division marketing efforts. Its a "State" of mind that we have adopted, and a way of life for the many loyal, proud and passionate alumni that now grace the halls as staff and faculty members.

Whether "my competition" stole the theme from our letterhead or not (I am now forbidden to speak to the competition marketing folks about anything we do because they did kinda steal one of my ideas, and I helped them), it (as in the theme) also adorns our beloved Davis Wade Stadium on massive size banners depicting scenes of our underdog football team and fans.

I think our tagline really captures the spirit of the university here. It goes beyond our goals of giving and stewardship, beyond being a fan of our sports teams, and really sums up the State "state of mind." There is a spirit around here that really exudes family, togetherness, and devotion. It is so much more than being a fan of a university. It is fidelity, dedication, zeal, enthusiasm, commitment, devoutness, and any other word that describes loyalty and love.

I'm very proud to be a part of this family. Its not a movement or a phase. Its always been like this around here. From the time I was a kid going to football games with my parents, to my four years as an undergrad, and now, to my life and career as an adult...this place has always been the same. Its special, and its something that really can't be described in words or pictures. It has to be felt. You have to walk along the historic Drill Field or spend time with friends and family in The Junction to realize what State is all about. It truly is a remarkable place.

I guess all of this mushiness is due to an article I read this morning in the New York Times. Its on misfit football team and prize new head coach. I believe the media did us justice, for once, in talking about the love and devotion of our Bulldog family. They understand that we are always an underdog, but we always fight, we always love, and we will always be loyal, proud, and passionate for our school.

To borrow the tagline from one of my clients....We are

Forever your university,

Forever your family...

Forever maroon and white.

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