Friday, February 26, 2010

Arrrggghhh! Polly want a treasure chest birthday cake?

A few years ago some of my friends and I decided to throw Mike a pirate themed birthday. I think it was his 25th...or something like that. Anyway, we had it at the farmer's market in Ridgemar and ate barbeque, because that is Mike's favorite.

I don't remember all of the details of how we came up with a pirate themed birthday, but I do remember having the idea to make a treasure chest birthday cake. So I did like all baking entrepreneurs....I googled it and figured out how to make my own.

In honor of Senior Michael's b-day today, I decided to blog about his cake I made several years ago. Let's see if I can remember the steps!!! Here we go!

1 baked 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake (Flavor of your choice. I used yellow.)
6 cups chocolate frosting (Or just one of the big cans)
Edible treasures, such as chocolate coins, Rolo candies, chocolate almond kisses or Necco Wafers
Butterfinger sticks
Optional - Candy jewels, such as candy necklaces and rock candy

Bake the cake according to directions on the box. Let cool to the touch. Cut a section approximately 2-inches wide in the center of the cake. The two remaining 5 1/2- x 9- x 2-inch rectangular pieces will form the bottom and top of the chest.

Slice the 2-inch section on an angle to form two long triangular wedges. Place the wedges on the bottom half of the chest, about an inch apart. Both wedges should face the same direction (tall end toward the front of the cake) as they will support the top of the treasure chest and keep it propped open. Then frost the bottom half of cake, including the wedges.

To add further support for the top of the chest, stand the butterfinger sticks under the front two edges to prop it open.

With the "hinged" end at the back, place the top of the chest on the bottom and frost.

Decorate with M&M's and candy to make it look like a chest. Fill the chest and the surrounding area with edible treasures and jewels and pirate paraphernalia.

Make sure the birthday boy (or girl) wears a black patch over his (or her) eye and says "Arrrrgggghhhhh" when you serve the cake!

I'll have to find a picture of the actual cake I made at a later date. But the one above is similar to what I came up with. Oh, and this was not the easiest cake to make in the world, but it was super fun, and everyone thought it looked cool! Its worth a shot to make the pirates in your life feel special!

Happy cooking!!!

And happy birthday, Mike!

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