Saturday, February 12, 2011

It snowed in the South

It snowed in the South this week. It has snowed TWICE since Christmas. And technically it snowed on Christmas day at my house...but I wasn't here, so I'm not counting that.

Snow in the South is like having a tornado in the Pacific Northwest. It really doesn't happen that often. In fact, it has only snowed once in the two years I have back in Mississippi. Well, up until this year. We've had a bit of a weird winter. I mean...It has snowed twice in the last month! And this last time we got nearly 5 inches! That's weird to me!

But never fear. After Wednesday's night's winter event, we have warmed back up. I mean...I still have snow in the shadows of my yard, but we've been in the 50's today. And will be in the 60's tomorrow and for the remainder of the week. Heat. That's what I'm used to in the South. Still, it was quite nice to enjoy something out of the ordinary. was quite nice to miss work on two separate, random days! I always like a free day off!

Below is my "Ode to Snow" movie containing pics of the two wintry events. Its set to the music of The Civil Wars. Enjoy!

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