Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OMG...I think I luuuuuv commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is rolling around this week. And though it is in my stadium of choice, my team of choice is not going to be there. In fact, I could care less about either team playing. Similar to two years ago. But whatevs....I'll pull for the Packers.

What I am looking forward to, though, is:

1. Hanging out with friends
2. Eating lots of yummy football food
3. Watching hilarious and thought provoking commercials during the game. Its all about the commercials anyway!

Right now Radio Shack has a very stupid commercial that makes me laugh. I don't know why. Probably the cat's Southern accent and the fact she's so silly. I think its hilarious though!

What I hope to see during the Super Bowl are more mayhem commercials by Allstate. They are very cleaver, and just...great! My two favorite are the GPS (recalculating) and the one where he is a teenage girl. I mean....that dude is just great!

I haven't had much time to read up about the Super Bowl ad hype this year. Sometimes I catch snippets from Ad Age, but I am admittedly behind on the gossip. However, I did see this bit on "Cooking with Snoop Dog and Pepsi" this morning. Ummmm...yes please! I hope to see this hilarity during the game. Do you think I could get Snoop to do a guest post on my blog? I mean...his 8-layer dip with chicken wings just looks....fantastic! Ha!

Happy Super Bowl week!

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