Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dilemmas, Dilemmas...and time for a poll

I'm trying to decide what to take as an appetizer to our Super Bowl party on Sunday. Here's my two options:

1. Mississippi Sin - Which I haven't had in FOREVER!

2. Guacamole - Which I made last year for the Super Bowl.

Both are quite delicious. We are having chili as our main course and random snacks and desserts from everyone. What would you want? (And if you are going to be at Lee's Sunday night what DO you want?)

Vote now or forever hold your peace! (You can cast your vote in the comment section. Since I don't really have many readers...I guess I may not get any votes...ha!)

Also, I'm making Texas shaped cookies. Because I can. And because I'm paying homage to it being played in my former home. And...I'm making some kind of chocolate cake. Possibly with peanut butter filling. Wish you were invited to our party, huh??? : )


katherine said...

My vote is MS Sin. Mainly because it sounds delish and I've never had it! Sure glad I was invited ;)

K-Dizzle said...

Mississippi Sin because you can never go wrong if it has cream cheese in it