Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogging Contest

For those that know me well, you know I read a lot of blogs. Google Reader is an amazing and convenient way for me to browse several sites for recipes, party planning tips, decorating ideas, etc. I love it!

Last week I stumbled upon a blog called Oh Happy Day while looking for photo booth prop ideas. Oh Happy Day had free printables, and I was sold when I saw the Princess Beatrice fascinator from Will and Kate's wedding. How hilarious! (Will post pics after I get them of our photo booth!!!) They also have this really cute postcard idea that I would totally do if I had a good enough reason. (As of now I don't....) Love the blog though!

Today on Oh Happy Day, they are giving away a trip to Paris. I didn't stutter. A TRIP TO PARIS! Wow! I'm super excited! And all you have to do is enter! Seriously! There are several different ways to enter. Visit the Oh Happy Day site here - Wow! It would be so amazing to take a trip to Paris! I never win these giveaways, but it never stops me from trying!

Go to the Oh Happy Day site and enter to win. And since you are reading my blog and that's where you find out about the giveaway, you can take me if you win! : )

What are your favorite blogs to read? I'll have to compile a list of mine and post later on.

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