Monday, November 30, 2009

Give me a V! Give me a ICTORY! Give me a 2009 Egg Bowl Champs!!!

The only game that really matters all year long is the one that happens around Thanksgiving. This year's Egg Bowl was one we were dreding at first, but one of THE BEST games I have been to in a while. Why? Because we freakin KILLED "that school up north!"

Now, to give you an idea of where the name came from, when Dan Mullen started out as our head coach last winter, he decided to stop referring to our biggest rival by their name. He just calls them "that school up north." It caught on around here, and even ESPN decided to use the phrase in their wrap up about Saturday's game. I bet that really pissed some Rebels off! Ha! So here's the clip (found curtosy of my grad student). I'm proud to be a Bulldog! GTHTSUP!

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