Thursday, October 7, 2010

To blog or not to blog...that is the question

Well, I may or may not start blogging again. What I do know at this point is:

1. I needed a new design. One that is simple and sleek.
2. I didn't need 2 blogs anymore, so I imported the other one and deleted it.
3. If I do start blogging "regularly again," it will not be daily. I'm just too busy for that.

I have been blogging for about seven or eight years now, and am probably on my sixth blog or something by now. When it was more of a hobby and fun, I was not working as someone who wrote professionally. Being a writer takes the fun out of blogging. And reading. Because its hard to get out of work mode and into casual mode. But we will attempt and see how much I can do and when.

I really wanted to start blogging again because I have a hilarious new project that I"m working on for Halloween. And last night, whilst spray painting black pumpkins in my front yard, I had a little assistance from my two engineering neighbors who circled my project and offered advice on how to really make it work. Pictures will come soon enough, but probably not until next week!

Anyway, this is just a quick note to say I'm going to give a go at blogging again. But you will see new things on SMSA's. It will not be solely on food and cooking anymore. Probably because I haven't been cooking as much lately. I know...but life has been busy and out of sorts for the last several months. Just deal! ; )

So...this blog will be about food, cooking, crafts, life, family, God, etc. Same name. New design. Some new topics.

Maybe people will read it. Maybe not. But it will be there...most likely.

peace love and cake

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