Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So last weekend in my town it was warm and we had a tornado. I wasn't here for it because I was in sunny, beautiful Florida at our bowl game, but I did see the remnants of it when I got home. We returned from Florida on Sunday and found the temperature dropped from the day before. The week started out pretty chilly, but then warmed back up by mid-week. This weekend it snowed and we missed a day of work. By next week, its predicted that we will be back into the 50's, which is the average for us this time of year.

This absurdity is what we call normal weather in the South. It may be 60 one day and 25 the next. That is just how we roll! After 30 years of the wild and wacky, its just not news to me to have such...flexibility...in our weather.

Since we don't get snow very often, people get a little too excited when it happens. Typically, the entire city/area/state shuts down. My family lives 2 hours south of me, and they closed the doors to their schools and offices with barely any ice or snow. We did get around 2 inches (I think) at my house, and enjoyed a nice Monday off to watch TV and play. There is always a mad rush to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. I'm really not sure what that will do for you, but okay. You have to have bread, milk and batteries.

People also get really excited about playing in very little snow. Its because we never see it! I mean...I have to admit I made three snowmen yesterday and had a snowball fight with my friends! And the night it started falling, I got up about 4 different times before 1 a.m. to see how much accumulation we had. We don't get snow often, and its fun when we do!

In an effort to enjoy the little snow we had yesterday, my friend invited me to an outing with her family and their friends. We went to an open field in an undisclosed location in town and rode around in tubes and a truckbed pulled by 4-wheelers. It really was so much fun! I wasn't brave enough to ride in the tube, but I did ride on the truckbed-sleigh, and it was a blast! I have to admit I'm a little sore today because my body isn't used to being bumped and rolled around, but it sure was fun!

Below is a short video from our sledding adventure. It was great!

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