Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Big Announcement

Let’s just go ahead and get the big announcement over and done with. No, I’m not getting married. I’m not sure why that’s everyone’s first guess. I mean, I’m definitely single. Very single. But I do have something very exciting happening to me exactly 2 weeks from today [Drum roll please….]

I’m going to Paula Deen’s house. Yes. The REAL Paula Deen’s REAL house! Why you ask? To interview her creative director/set designer who is a graduate of our fine university. I’m writing a feature article on him. And it so happens that he is allowing me to shadow him for a day to get an inside perspective of his job. I mean…I was cool enough with just meeting this guy because he has like the most awesome job ever…or so I’m assuming. But on top of meeting this really cool alum, he has invited me to shadow him at a photo shoot for Cooking with Paula Deen magazine at Paula’s new house. Wow!

This little project has been “in the works” for a couple of months now, but didn’t come to fruition until the last week or so. This is by far the absolute coolest job responsibility I have ever had, and is the perfect intermingling of my passion for cooking with my passion for writing. I have been so nervous about it too! Last night it’s all I could think about and I was pacing my house trying to play it all out in my head. I even bought a new dress from Ann Taylor Loft for the occasion. Maybe its silly, but I feel I need to look my best!!!

In preparation for the trip I’m boning up on my Paula Deen. I’ve been DVRing her shows on The Food Network, so I can get an idea of the kind of “sets” our alum creates. I have also ordered the book that she and our alum co-wrote called Savannah Style. I will be the foremost expert on all things Paula Deen by the time this article is published. (Don’t expect it to come out before December…seeing how our mag is NEVER printed on time.)

So, there ya have it folks! I’m going to spend the day at the home of one of Food Network’s BIGGEST stars! Be jealous. Very jealous! And no, I cannot fit you in my suitcase or get an autograph for you. I have to be a professional. After all, I’m there to see our alum, not Paula Deen. But still….I’m going to Paula’s house!!!

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Lorie said...

How very exciting for you! Congrats! Nice to meet another Mississippi cook!