Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For the love of burritto...

I used to live in Texas. If you didn't know this...you should. Its a very important piece of the "who I am" puzzle that makes up me. I moved there in 2002 to attend seminary, and left in December 2008. Up until mid-2008, I was sure I would never leave. Especially the Fort Worth area. I loved that place. It was full of activity, life, and lots of great places to eat.

Shortly after moving to Texas, some friends of mine introduced me to the Chipotle burrito. Its a life-changing experience. Trust me! Whether in a bowl or in a wrap, it is a jumbled mess of goodness containing your meat of choice, black beans, cilantro-lime rice, cheese, sauted veggies, and whatever else your heart (or tummy) desires. I typically chose chicken, but their pork was wonderfully flavored as well.

When I moved to Mississippi, I discovered that the closest Chipotle was quite a drive away...in Alabama. Just like shopping...I have to hop on Highway 82 and head east to find this non-low-fat, guilty pleasure. Since moving here, I have eaten at Chipotle twice...both times in Birmingham on my way through town. Its worth the detour for me...its also across from the Galleria.

Well, in my complaints about missing Chipotle on Facebook and twitter, several friends have sent me recipes to recreate the delicious dish at home. It doesn't quite compare, but its close. Close enough to appease my cravings. Now...if I could only find the La Playa Maya cowboy enchilada recipe, or if I could import a Sushi Axiom chef into my house, then I would be set and I probably wouldn't miss Texas anymore. (Okay, that's not true. I miss more about Texas than the food...)

Sheri's Cheap Chipotle Knock-Off

Cilantro-lime Rice recipe
1 bell pepper, sliced
1 small yellow onion, sliced in strips
2-3 chicken breasts or 4-5 chicken tenders, cut in small pieces
1 tbsp butter
1 can black beans
1 cup frozen corn
shredded mozzarella cheese
sour cream
Guacamole recipe
jalapenos...to spice things up!
Burrito size flour tortillas

Side note: Would you believe that last night I went to cooking and there was no salsa in my house? GASP!!! I don't think that has ever happened to me before. I mean...salsa is like sugar, or flour, or milk. I am never without it! But last night I was. I was a little disappointed in myself.

Make rice and guacamole according to recipes linked above.

Cut chicken and vegetables. Saute chicken in skillet for about 5 minutes, and season with fajita or taco spices. Add sliced bell pepper and butter. Saute for about 3 minutes. Add onions and continue cooking for about 3 more minutes. Add frozen corn and cook until chicken, onions and peppers are done.

Heat black beans in microwave for about 3 minutes. Warm tortillas for about 1 minute in microwave.

Assembly: Throw it all in a tortilla or a bowl. Oh....typical method is tortilla or bowl, rice, black beans, chicken and vegetables, salsa, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos.

If you prefer your Chipotle dish as a burrito bowl, try serving a warmed tortilla as a side!

This should yield about 4 burritos/bowls, unless you are feeding hungry boys. Then maybe 1 normal size, 1 hungry boy size, and maybe some measly leftovers! : )

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