Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughts on Turning 30...

In approximately 105 days I’m turning 30.

I should just give up and end the post there. BUT, in the next 105 days, I’m going to convince myself (and you through my blog) that turning 30 really isn’t so bad after all. Turning 30 can have its advantages, and its disadvantages. I am going to choose to focus on the advantages though.

A few weeks ago I was visiting with my grandfather during my nephew’s birthday lunch. We were watching 17 Again (starring super hottie Zac Efron), and I was trying to explain the premise to my grandparents since they missed the beginning. Once explained, my paps said “Why would you want to be 17 again? I’d rather go back to being 30, like you.” He went on to explain that 17 is very young, but at 30 you still have your entire life ahead of you.

That was very comforting. Seriously, it was!

I’m turning 30 in 105 days, which means, after those 105 days expire, I have my ENTIRE life ahead of me! I’m settled in a good, grown-up job. I own my own home and car. I don’t have any debt except for my mortgage. I think turning 30 is going to be okay, financially speaking.

I’m turning 30 in 105 days and I’m not married. Or dating. Or even interested in anyone. Hmmm….Living in the South, that presents a problem. Though, I’m finding that the trend of marrying later in life is starting to drift this way. So, I’m not a social pariah being single at my age. (THANK GOD!)

In light of me turning 30 in 105 days, I wanted to come up with a list of 30 things to do before the end of 2010. I came up with about 4 things. Not too exciting. So now my goal is to think of 30 “off the wall” or uncharacteristic things on the big road trip Julie and I are planning this summer. We are heading north to Toronto (which counts for one thing since I’ve never been to Canada) then out east through New York to Maine and hitting every New England state, plus some others, until we get home. There’s lots of planning (and saving) to be done in the four months leading up to the trip, but this is my 30th birthday present to myself.

I guess turning 30 really isn’t going to be so bad. I mean, I can think of lots of disadvantages off the top of my head, and it seems so old to me…but really…it’s not bad at all. I’d rather be 30 than 17 anyway. Or even a young 20-something. At that age most folks think they have things all figured out, but really…they don’t at all!

I’m turning 30 in 105 days. Write it down. It’s June 25, in case you can’t count! Here’s to turning 30! Yipee!


Irving Washington said...

Turning 30 is great! I turn 30 next week and planned something similar to what you're planning to do, only in a month!

AprilJ said...

I've been in my 30s for a while.. it's no big deal, you'll be a real asset to those of us in the 3rd decade of life (thought i'll only be a member for a few more years). When you turn 35, bring your husband and kids to Alaska ;)