Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Its a jungle out there...

A few years ago I ran across the cutest animal cookware in an Anthropologie catalog. It was right about the time I was moving into a new apartment, so I decided to make my new kitchen animal themed. My sister bought me several Boston Warehouse utensils to help get me started, but my favorite finds were giraffe measuring spoons and the gaggle of geese measuring cups.

I have to admit that I have never actually used these kitchen tools, but they look super cute on my counter and I always get compliments on them. They are definitely more decorative tools instead of useful tools. But every girl needs some of these anyway!

Anthropologie actually has quite a bit of kitchenware. Their items are kitchen and vintage, and definitely fit in my kitchen. They also make cute aprons, too...in case you are looking!

Happy cooking! (And decorating!)

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