Monday, March 22, 2010

Turkey-Tomato Panini

I forget sometimes when I'm blogging that everything I put on here doesn't necessarily have to have a wow factor. I'm not saying all of my recipes do have that (or any of them for that matter), but sometimes I don't think to post simple and "uneventful" recipes.

Lunch is a very important part of our day. For me, it serves as a one hour of escape from the craziness of the office where I can take a breath and regain energy for the afternoon. Since purchasing my home, I decided that lunch at home is one way I can really save on my food expenditures. So most days I come home for lunch, fix a sandwich and chill out. I have the luxury of doing this since I live so close to my office.

Not only does it save on money though, lunch at home can help save on the waistline. By carefully choosing the types of food you eat, you can actually be living FAR more healthy than if you went out to eat every day. In fact, most of my at-home lunches are right around 350-400 calories. You can't find that at Subway!

A typical lunch for me involves three things - turkey, provolone and Roma tomatoes. This is one of my favorite sandwich combinations. Another important feature of lunchtime at my home is my panini machine. My brother bought this for me a few years ago for Christmas, and little did I know at the time how integral of a role it would play in my kitchen. However, I literally use this thing almost every day! (Thanks, Joey!)

Here's my turkey-tomato panini...or...aka everyday lunch!


4-6 slices of turkey (or other meat of choice - If you look here, I used leftovers from a turkey breast I baked the day before)
1 slice provolone cheese
3-4 thin Roma tomato slices
mayo, mustard, etc.
OR...Spicy Mayo: 1 tablespoon light mayo mixed with 1-1.5 teaspoons hot sauce
2 slices of bread

Directions: Slap all the ingredients on the on the panini grill, and cook for 3-4 minutes. Flip sandwich and cook for another 3-4 minutes.

Side suggestions: I love chips, so I usually eat those. But I also like to enjoy a fruit cup or yogurt from time to time.

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